Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.— Psalm 127:1

Have you ever been involved in the construction of a home or a major remodel? Was it true for you that it came out double the estimated time and triple the financial cost?

So many issues — ranging from unforeseen foundation or mould problems to back ordered appliances to delayed subcontractors or inspectors — can hold up a project like this. That fact makes a good foreman or general contractor worth his weight in gold. A good foreman knows how to keep the work on the track. He also knows when an obstacle is a critical matter or a normal bump in the road.

Construction of a God-focused home and family can also be more challenging than we anticipate. But our Lord is willing and able to help with any and all structural issues we may encounter, and He is an expert at setting a firm foundation. He knows how to get things moving and keep the work on the track. He also can identify and address critical matters. When the construction dust becomes overwhelming and the structure doesn’t seem to be matching the plans, we can always call on our Lord.

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So we have a house to build and I am speaking of our spiritual life. I know the architect and the builder. I also know the foreman. My life was under construction for many years and every day something shifts out of alignment with the plan of God and He has to break it off and re-construct until it is perfect in His sight. There are so many people believing that they are that perfect person without sin in their life. Their job is not to be made whole by God and it seems that they do not need a physician. They want us to believe that they are perfect in our sight. Do not believe them, we all have sinned and come short of God’s glory.

I do not care what is your position in the local assembly when you come with your stories to pointing fingers at others, the congregation have the right to tell you that is not the Gospel. He without sin cast the first stone and I will give them to you. Brethren we are under construction and working unto perfection ONLY in Christ Jesus. How I remember the self-righteous ministers in the days of Jesus brought a woman to Him and said they caught her in the very act of adultery. Lord, thank you for this sermon but I cannot preach now. How did they know she was committing adultery? What were they doing to see what was taking place? Was any one of them without sin? Ah, they wanted to test the knowledge of Jesus and I am asking you ministers, Archbishops, “pointers” that are without any sins to point your finger. Jesus is about to write a note. So while we are waiting for His return cast your stones. Hallelujah.

Make sure when you throw your stones at me that you put me down for good. Throw your stones to kill. Hallelujah brethren I have a sword in my hand, O, God help me to use it well. This forum is to help people to grow in strength and to better serve the Lord. This is to build up and not to break down and I will be a DEFENDER of the weak and helpless. Brethren whatever you do to the least of these my little ones you have done it to the Lord.

You cannot be walking about and standing in the pulpit to scandal others. You are not of God and I am warning my brothers and sisters to preach the word of God. Do not spread rumours and gossip in the pulpit to cause division among the brethren. It is easy to receive titles but it will be hard when it is taken away. ONLY preach the word of GOD.

To all my ministers I urge you and admonish you to build the house with all that God has given to you in terms of spiritual material. Construct according to the original plan. Let the anointing cover you day after day. Blessings

God, I am grateful to You for Your expertise and 24/7 availability. What peace comes from knowing You are only a prayer away. For I can do all things through You, Lord who strengthens me. Amen.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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