Flag of Trinidad and Tobago Patricia Hackshaw was born in the Twin Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, of Alberta Hackshaw and the Late Reverend Lloyd Samson. She has been in the Spiritual Baptist Faith from a very early age and was baptized by Bishop Vaughnes at Mt. Olive Spiritual Baptist Church. Following her baptism, she had several “thrones of grace” with her Spiritual Father Bishop Leslie Vaughnes, Reverend Lloyd Sampson and the late Lindsay Isaac.

She migrated to the United States and continues to practice her religion. Patricia was invited to a meeting on the phone with the Patriarch Dr. Darrindel and Archbishop Dr. Godfrey to discuss the prayer group and moving it to a registered church with the City.
In 2012 She has consecrated an Abbess in the island of Barbados thus fulfilling the requirements for her appointment within the ranks of the church.

There was several more meeting until all parties involved were present in person for the final decision. At that meeting, Patricia was appointed Abbess (Bishop) of the church and the process of Registration began.

Patricia Hackshaw has made a number of first within the Ministry. She was the first Abbess and Licensed Marriage Officiant (LOM) with the great State of New York. Late in 2012, she was appointed by the MysticQueen Abbess at Consecrational Court to Queen Abbess another first. In 2013 she created history again, this time she represented the Mystical Order in St. Croix (an affiliate church) to assist in a Crowning service. While in St. Croix Patricia Hackshaw our Queen Abbess with instructions and a letter from the Archbishop and approval of the Patriarch; and with the help of other ministers and Bishop Andres Consecrated the mother to the position of Abbess. Ursula Lawrence was pronounced Abbess under the hands and pen of Patricia.

Currently, Patricia holds a Doctor of Ministry degree; she received the Mystical Degree of ORDAINED HIGH PRIESTESS OF THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK (OHPM). She was recommended to the Patriarch for the title of Order of Saint Michael (OSM) and was granted the request.
Patricia Hackshaw is the mother of one daughter and some spiritual children.