Leader: This is the head of the “home” or church. He is the officiating minister who is gifted in leading the flock/membership. Often he is an ordained minister called Reverend. He may also have other spiritual designations, e.g. Pointer, Teacher.

Mother: She is the female counterpart of the Leader. The term mother is also a spiritual designation for someone who cares for other members of the church and who has spiritual children.

Captain: This is a senior position usually granted to a male. The Captain is in charge of the church during the service. He is second to the Leader but often he is also the Leader. His duty is to ensure that the service is carried out with vigour and vitality in the spirit of holiness and pure worship.

Teacher: This is the title given to someone, male or female, who has attained sufficient spiritual height to teach other members of the faith. The teacher is sometimes a Leader/Mother or Pointer as well.

Pointer: This is the person who ‘seals the bands’ and places the mourner or pilgrim on the mourning ground. He thus points the way for the pilgrim or mourner, and is responsible for his or her welfare during the mourning period. The gift of the Pointer is given by the Spirit and is attained during the mourning period. The administration of this gift is dependent on instructions from the Spirit.

Baptiser: This is the person (male) who baptizes the candidate. This is also a gift from the Spirit. The administration of this gift is dependent on instructions from the Spirit.

Shepherd/Shepherdess: This is the spiritual leader with the responsibility for guiding and caring for the flock/membership. Potential leaders receive this gift early in their spiritual career.

Prover: Usually male, this officer’s duty is to prove whether the spiritual activity in progress is of truth or if the claims of a pilgrim or member are authentic or not. He is a discerner of spiritual manifestation.

Watchman: Usually male, the watchman stands guard (sometimes at the door) and is alert to the arrival of visitors, and their activities and intentions. In the old days, the Watchman would warn the congregation when the police was coming, which foiled many raids. Most Provers are also Watchmen, but not all Watchmen are necessarily Provers.

Nurse: Usually female, this is the name given to the person who attends to the needs of pilgrims during the rites of Baptism and Mourning. This title also represents a spiritual gift.

Surveyor: This position is held by a male who surveys the water for Baptism. He chooses a portion of the water (usually a river or the sea), setting boundaries around it, for the purpose of performing baptismal rites. The Baptiser is also the Surveyor.

Healer: The Healer is any member (male or female) who has the gift for healing the sick. This may be done either by praying with the sick person, prescribing medicine or administering treatment.