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This is the Way… Falling Is Normal

Little children learn to walk by falling many times. It is normal to fall when we are learning something new. Getting up and trying, again and again, is how each of us learns to do things well. We read in the Bible that even the righteous man may fall seven times (Proverbs 24:16). The point to note is that he must rise each time he falls in order to fall again. Therefore he is making a second, third and seventh attempt. When we are paying attention to what we are doing, we are learning to do it better—even when we fail in our attempts.

The only time we become a failure is when we do not rise again. That may occur when we blame our fall on someone else. When we blame others, we are not examining ourselves to see if we need some correction. It is interesting that God tells us to be sure we look for the “plank” in our own eye before we try to remove the “speck” from the eye of another. We become a failure when we blame others for our faults and our falls (Luke 6:41-42).

I am saying this with all the love of God in my heart, many Christians and moreso, ministers within this Baptist Faith do not know how to accept the seasons of their lives. God will use you but you have to show interest in His work, not just seeking positions and plastering it with hatred and jealousy towards your seniors and other elders. There are some among us that want all for themselves and like the one who received the single talent hid it, but still looking for more. Today I am encouraged by my Archbishop His Grace Adrian (Prince) Toussaint that leads the Mystical Order and Starlight in Trinidad. He is a man with a vision and with the talents he received has been multiplying daily. Yes, he fell many times but he got up repented and moved forward.  He is such an example in the Mystical Order International. While others are sowing discord Heis moving to higher heights and deeper depths. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MY BROTHER PRINCE. You are an inspiration to me and very soon all my authority will be transferred to you. Whatever you crossed out will be approved and whatever you keep will be allowed. Fall my brother but rise up again and keep walking in the love and knowledge of the word of God.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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