MATRIARCH Hon. Janet McClean

The Archbishop and Apostolic Head Sir Godfrey Gregg recommended to The Patriarch and Presiding Prelate Sir Darrindel Hoyte-Johnson the election of Queen Abbess Hon. Janet McClean to be elevated to the Office of Matriarch and the recommendation was accepted.

Janet McClean has been with the Mystical Order and has moved up the ranks from Reverend to Abbess and Queen Abbess before her election and elevation to the Office of Matriarch. She came with age, respect, integrity, character, discipline, knowledge and experience within the Spiritual Baptist Faith. Having born in the twin Islands Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and from an early age of twelve (12) years old started her walk with the Lord in water Baptism.

Janet McClean or is better known as Mother Jeaneatte is no stranger to the gatherings of churches here in New York. Her character grace the eyes of those she comes in contact with and so they embraced her at first sight. The Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist is very proud to have her sitting in the ranks of The Executive Council. She is the head of the women’s department and is a great asset to the church

Her Beatitude Hon. Janet McClean was elevated and consecrated to the office of Matriarch in December 2014 by The Patriarch and Chief Apostle Sir Darrindel Hoyte-Johnson, Archbishop and Presiding Prelate Sir Godfrey Gregg, Chief Apostle Dr. Nathaniel Waterman of The Full Gospel Tabernacle and other clergy.

We welcome her to the fold with love and peace in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.