The Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist was incorporated in the City of New York in the Great State of New York and within the the Borough of Brooklyn at 360 Adams House.

Currently located at 487 Hegeman Avenue where we meet for prayer and other meetings. The church is led by His All Holiness Sir Dr. Darrrindel Hoyte-Johnson as the Most Anointed Metropolitan Patriarch and Chief Apostle. The Anointed Metropolitan Sir Dr. Godfrey Gregg as the Divisional Patriarch and Presiding Prelate. The Church has since registered a branch in Trinidad and Tobago  and have it’s own clergy Rt. Hon. Sir Darrindel Hoyte-Johnson DM, LOM, OHPM as the Patriarch and Rt. Hon Sir Godfrey Gregg DD, LOM, OHPM sitting as it’s Divisional Patriarch and Presiding Prelate and  Archbishop and Apostolic Head, and Hon. Janet McClean the sitting Matriarch.

The church can be contacted by emails (church@mysticalorderinc.org) or (themysticalorder2012@gmail.com) Telephone 646 340 3240

In Trinidad our Sister Church The Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist # 2


The Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist of Trinidad and Tobago

In New York Prayer Circle Covenant Tabernacle


The Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist Inc is not a charity organisation. We are a word base church and we will keep it that way until our Lord returns. We depend on our members support to keep our ministry. Our ministers are not paid and all work is voluntary. Should our policy changed, we will update this information.

We will continue to offer whatever help available through prayer and the ministering of the word.