Let me thank all ministers that have inflenced my life to make me a better person today. All clergy that have given me guidance and in any way ministered to me. From the leastto the greatest I say thank you.

With reference to Our Lord Patriarch and Chief Apostle Sir Darrindel, Archbishop Adonis, Bishop Manswell, Our Matriarch Lady Janet, His Eminence Sir Eric, Bishop O’Connor, Bishops Junior and Goodridge of Trinidad, Bishop-Elect Courtney, Bishop Carl of Barbados/St. Vincent, Bishop Andres of Tortula/St. Vincent, Queen Abbess Julia, Abbess Lystra, Archbishop Leslie, Bishop Deane of the United Kingdom and Dr.Waterman.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have been a tower of strength to me and you have helped to shape me in so many ways. When I am tempted to be broken someone saved my day. When the enemy came rushing like a flood someone sent Michael to protect me. Thank you

You may not receive a gift but you are blessed by Almighty God daily as I lift you up in His presence. So, God bless and keep you always and let His face shine upon you. Give you strength from day to day.

+ Sir Godfrey Gregg







Sunday October 13, was Clergy Appreciation day. Members of our Clergy led by the Patriarch and accompanied by the Archbishop, Senior Bishop and other members attended service at the Full Gospel Tabernacle and presented a plaque of appreciation to Bishop Dr. Waterman N Waterman waterman

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Senior Bishop Antonio and Archbishop Godfrey among clergy at home going service for the mother of Bishop Dr. Waterman



Archbishop Godfrey, Abbess Lynette (SVG) and the Patriarch


Archbishop Godfrey, Grand Mitress Janette and the Patriarch


Archbishop Godfrey with Grand Mitress Janette


Clergy to Clergy appreciation



Patriarch handing Plaque to Evangelist Waterman on behalf of Bishop Dr. Waterman, Archbishop Godfrey looks on