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1. Waiting For Your Soulmate

If it is in God’s perfect will that you get married in this life, then you will have to wait for His timing as to when He will want to bring this person into your life. Do not try and rush this.

God knows best as to who you should be marrying in this life, and He also knows best as to when this person should be brought into your life.

You and this other person may need some preparation for marriage before God will want the marriage to occur, so you have to let God do what He wants with each one of you in the time frame that He wants to work all of this out.

Not waiting for God’s perfect timing to bring this person in your life could cause you to marry the wrong person you may be dating, all because you did not have the patience to wait for the person God has in mind for you.

I have seen this happen to several people in the past, and they were divorced within a year after marrying the wrong person. And this was all due to the fact that they got too impatient while waiting for God to bring them the right person He had in mind for them.


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