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Specific Areas Where You Will Have to Wait on the Lord

For those of you who are newborns in the Lord and at a fairly young age, expect God over the course of your life to try and work the quality of patience into your personality by making you wait for certain things to happen in your life.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that God will sooner or later make a move to work patience into your personality, and one of the ways He will do it is by making you literally wait for Him to make something happen in your life.

There will be times that you will feel your patience and faith in Him get literally stretched to a point where you feel you can no longer hold on, and then He will come in with the big breakthrough you have been waiting for.

Again, just realize that God’s time frame is much different than our time frame, and your patience will sometimes be tested, especially if you have been spoiled by the fast pace in which things now get done in our world today.

To those of you who have been walking with the Lord for years, I am sure you know exactly what I am talking about, as I have yet to meet a mature and seasoned Christian who has not had their patience tested sometime in their walk with the Lord.

Here are a few good examples in your life where God could ask you to wait on Him so He can work the quality of patience into your personality.


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