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For our Scripture Reading this morning— James 5:13-16

Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord. — James 5:14

Have you found yourself in a situation where you are confronted with some level of sickness and you do not know how to handle it? Well, the Scriptures tell us what to do even if we feel like doing it alone. That is our first instinct to keep it private and handle it alone. It is time to start trusting God and with your elders come together to approach the Throne of God in prayer.

For many people who receive bad news about serious illness, their first instinct is to try to handle it on their own. But that is not God’s design for the body of Christ. Instead, James instructs us to call the set-apart leaders, bring the people together, confess our sins, anoint with oil, and pray for healing.

The prayers of the righteous are powerful and effective, and the prayer of faith can help make the sick person well. I believe God can heal—and often does—and yet we also know that faithful people can become terribly sick and die. How do we reconcile this reality with the promises of this passage?

Perhaps the wellness of the sick person and the effectiveness of the prayer goes deeper than the physical condition. When I allowed the elders to lead a healing prayer service on my behalf, I felt loved, secure in God’s presence, and comforted that I had partners for the journey ahead.

You do not have to endure your suffering alone; reach out for prayer.

Let us pray

Lord, thank you for the family of faith. May we pray in faith for you to work mightily in whatever way you will. Amen.

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