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This Quiz: The Tower of Babel

1.) What made it easier for the people to work together to build the Tower of Babel?

They were all skilled in workmanship.

The whole earth was of one language.

There were trained leaders able to guide the workers.

They’d had prior experience in Canaan.
2.) In what land did the people journey to from the east?

The land of Shinar.

The land of Canaan.

The land of Nod.

The land of Havilah.
3.) What materials did they use for the tower?

Stone and morter.

Stone and clay.      

Brick and slime.

Brick and clay.
4.) The tower was to be designed to reach to…

the stars.

the moon.


5.) In their plans, what did they suppose the building of the tower would protect them from?

Their enemies.

Being scattered.

Another flood.

Wild animals.
6.) Who came to see the city and the tower?


The Lord


7.) What was God’s reaction to the tower?

He sent an earthquake to destroy it.

He was pleased at their workmanship.

He confound their language.

He repented that He had made man.
8.) Why did the people stop building the tower?

Because they ran out of materials.

Because they didn’t understand one another’s speech.      

Because the anger of God was kindled against them.

Because it was finished.
9.) What happened to the people after that?

They praised God.

They made merry.

They were struck dead.

They were scattered.
10.) What does the name Babel mean

The land of plenty.      



Tall tower.



  1. The whole earth was of one language.. Genesis 11:1,6
  2.  The land of Shinar..  Genesis 11:2
  3.   Brick and slime..  Genesis 11:3
  4.  Heaven  Genesis 11:4
  5.  Being scattered..  Genesis 11:4
  6.   Gabriel Genesis 11:5
  7.   He confound their language.  Genesis 11:7
  8.   Because they didn’t understand one another’s speech.   Genesis 11:7,8 
  9.  They were scattered.  Genesis 11:9
  10.  Confusion  Genesis 11:9

Author: Godfrey Gregg