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These three verses, from the collection of the written Works of The Psalms, reflect in David the heart/mind of a man who recognizes the magnitude and hideously repulsive nature of his sin, and the awful depths to which his soul has sunk.  David tells us that GOD MAGNIFIES [Enlarged], NOT Minimizes, his distress.  Why is this?  Beloved brethren, [YAHVEH] GOD wants David NEVER AGAIN to travel down this path, and so HE Allows David to be impressed with the severity of his deed, by “marinating” in the anguish of his thoughts.  Before all else, David realizes that he must seek to regain his relationship with his GOD.  While it might not prove to be the easiest of tasks, he must TRY to share his feelings of brokenness with [YAHVEH] GOD.  These verses express the beginning of that process.

David realizes that he must lay aside any thoughts given to his kingly robes and status of royalty, for such considerations have absolutely NO place in the act of true contrition before The FACE Of [YAHVEH] GOD.  David begins to empty himself of any vestiges of Pride, Arrogance, and Vanity, all of which were a part of his past.  He now stands in the solitude and solemnity that result from the state of such emptiness.   He stands as EVERY man/woman must, and will, stand — ALONE, and face to FACE with his/her GOD.

Will [YAHVEH] GOD Answer Right Away?

Psalm 13:1  “How long Wilt THOU Forget me, O LORD?  Forever???  How Long Wilt THOU Hide THY FACE From me?”

David cries out from within the depths of the despair that tears at his soul:  “How long Will YOU Forget me, Oh, LORD?!?”   Day after day he has arisen from his bed; night after night he has walked through his house, out into the garden, and up onto the roof where it all began, seeking to hear from GOD.   From within the stillness, there comes NO Answer.

Psalm 22:1  “My GOD!  My GOD!  Why Hast THOU Forsaken me?  Why Art THOU So Far From Helping me, and From the words of my roaring [painful anguish]?”

“O my GOD, I cry in the daytime, but THOU Hearest Not; and in the night season, and am not silent.”

“But I am a worm, and no man; a reproach of men, and despised of the people.”

“All they that see me laugh me to scorn: they shoot out the lip, they shake the head, saying,” 

If, ever you find yourself into this mess as David remember there is no quick fix. Even if there appears to be peace and quietness within your gates do not mean that God is OK with the situation. You can look back to the Garden of Eden when Adam sinned and what it took to regain the trust in GOD.


And now, today’s Study will be CONTINUED TOMORROW …

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