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In 1 Kings Chapter 10, the Queen of Sheba, who has heard about Solomon, his wisdom, and his relationship with God, comes to visit him and ask questions. She arrives in Jerusalem with a huge group of advisors and goods, which included precious metals, gems, and spices. When she finally speaks to Solomon, she asks him hard questions and he answers all of them without difficulty.

The queen also experiences Solomon’s great wisdom as well as his great wealth. She sees his palace, the quantity of food that he serves, his servants and cupbearers and his officials. She sees the burnt offerings he is able to make and she is amazed.
Observing Solomon’s Wealth

She tells Solomon she has heard of his great wealth and wisdom but did not believe it until she saw it with her own eyes. She tells him his people must be very happy to be the beneficiaries of his wisdom, and she praises God for his own wisdom in placing Solomon on the throne.

The Queen Gives Gifts

After this, she gives King Solomon many riches, including gems and the spices that she brought with her. No one had ever given so many spices to Solomon before. 1 Kings Chapter 10 does mention that Hiram brought Solomon gold and almugwood, which Solomon used to make the columns for the temple, the palace and musical instruments. As for the Queen of Sheba, Solomon also reciprocated by giving her many riches as well. Then, the Queen returns to her own country.

Listing Solomon’s Great Wealth

1 Kings Chapter 10 then goes on to recount Solomon’s great wealth. He has a yearly salary of more than 660 talents which does not even include the taxes he gets from Arabian potentates, his traders, and his merchants. The chapter also describes his luxurious throne made of gold and ivory, how all of his drinking goblets were made of gold, and how all the household items in one of his palaces were made out of gold. It also details Solomon’s great fleet of chariots and herd of horses, which came from Egypt.

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