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Without question, one of the hardest things for many Christians to do with the Lord is to wait on His timing to make certain things happen in their lives.

In the very fast-paced world in which we all now live in, things are set up for maximum speed and efficiency. That is what the enemy has us to believe but in the year 2020 that appears to have changed when the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic began to reap havoc among us and the affairs of the land came to a halt.

Fast food restaurants are a favourite for many people because they like to be able to go through a fast drive-thru and receive their order in just a matter of minutes. Computers are now moving faster than ever before and they are allowing news events to hit the screen just right after the news event has actually occurred.

We are so used to everything moving at break-neck speed, that we then have a very hard time in adjusting to the slower ways that God will work things out in our life.

One of the things I have found out in my own personal walk with the Lord is that many of the times, He will have a much slower way of working things than I ever thought He would.

It is very nice that we can have fast-food restaurants, computers, and the rest of the technological inventions that we now have in place so we can make our lives that much better and that much easier to navigate through.

We can now get much more done in a day’s time than we ever could in the past due to all of the new technological gadgets and devices we now have at our disposal.

But where you can get into major trouble with the Lord in your own personal walk with Him is to take all of that break-neck speed in being able to get things done and accomplished, and then try to throw that in the middle of our walk with the Lord with how He will want to work things out in our lives.
Again, God usually has a much slower time frame and a much slower way of working things out in our life than we do.

And if we do not learn how to adjust to His slower time frame and the slower way He likes to work things out in our life, we could easily get ourselves knocked right out of our calls and our divine destinies that He has set up for each one of our lives.

Let me give you an example of some preachers who want to get God in the fast pace with them and it is all over the television, smartphones and the iPad. They are expecting a fast miracle, and when it does not happen they get frustrated and begin to push the people before them to fall on the floor and when they don’t fall the frustration grows more as they look for the next move. That is not the way God operates. Our times are in His hands.

I have personally found in both my walk and those who I share my walk with, that timing is an absolutely crucial factor with the Lord.



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