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Try to move ahead of God’s timing with what He wants to do in a particular area of your life, and you will find very quickly that everything will fall apart and completely unravel.

Here are some examples of where you can get yourself into major trouble with the Lord as a result of not properly relying on His perfect timing:

  1. Marry the wrong person you are dating because you could not wait for God’s perfect timing to bring you the mate He has chosen for your life, and you could end up finding yourself in a miserable and unfulfilled marriage, not to mention the possibility of your marriage ending up in a divorce, which the Lord hates.
  2. Take the next, new, wrong job because you could not wait for God to promote you into the next, new job He will want you to have, and you could end losing valuable years in reaching the call that God has set up for your life, if not lose the entire call altogether.
  3. Attempt to do deliverance on someone with demons before the Lord tells you to do so, and you could get yourself opened up to an unnecessary demonic attack.

As you can see from some of these examples, timing is absolutely everything with the Lord. Move ahead and out of God’s timing and you will throw a big, fat monkey-wrench in the middle of what God is trying to do with your life.

If it is in God’s perfect will that you get married in this life, then not only will He bring you the person He has picked out for you to marry in this life, but there will also be a timing element with it – which means He will bring this person to you at the exact time that He has it set up to occur in your life.

If God is calling you to be a pastor or Bishop of a church, then He has the exact time set up as to when that will actually occur. And if you try to make it happen before God is ready, then you will cause major delays and disruptions to occur, along with possibly adding extra time as to when it will occur since you will now have messed with God’s timing with how He was wanting to work out this call in your life.

When God gives you what your divine call is going to be in Him, He will expect you to properly obey Him all the way up the ladder as you are progressing towards that call.

This means you will take the different jobs He will want you to take, along with staying with His perfect timing as to when you are to move into each one of these new different jobs.

If you stay with God’s leadings on which new jobs to take and when to move into those next new jobs, then the time will come where you will then be promoted into the true, divine destiny that God has set up for your life.

But disobey God anywhere along the line with the steps He will be asking you to take for Him, and you could either cause a major delay to occur as to when you will be reaching that call, or you could literally lose the entire call altogether if the consequences end up being too severe with what you have disobeyed the Lord with.

God will not have His authority and His ways tampered with by what we think is right for us. Since God is perfect and we are not, we always have to realize that God will always know best as to what specific chess moves that will need to be made in our lives, along with when those chess moves will need to be made.

This is one area that we cannot try and do things our way. If we do, it could cause God to pull back on us and from there, we could find everything starting to fall apart because God is no longer in control of our life.



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