Here are some additional offerings of the symbolism of the Five Points of Fellowship.

Foot to Foot:

“We should never halt nor grow weary in the service of a Mystical Brother.
Some of the old lectures of the 1700’s & 1800’s taught that indolence should not permit the foot to halt, or wrath to turn Mystical steps away from helping a brother. A Mystical Brother should forget injuries and selfish feelings, remembering that man was born for the aid of his fellow creatures, not just for his own enjoyments. A Mystical Brother should be swift to extend mercy and benevolence to all, but more especially to a Mystical Brother.

Knee to Knee:

In Mystical Brother’s devotions to the Great Architect Of The Universe he will seek forgiveness for some of his past actions, and strength for the future, whatever it may hold. The Mystical Brother is taught that in these devotions he should join his Brothers name with his own, it is his duty to do so, as it is his right to be included in the devotions of his Brother. “The knee is directed to be bent in intersession, not for ourselves alone, but for the whole household of our Brethren.”

Breast to Breast: 

This Brother and writer in quoting an old ritual say; “A Mystical Brother’s breast should be a safe and sacred repository for all your just and lawful secrets.” It’s true that the secrets of a Mystical Brother confided as such, should be as inviolate in the breast of him who has received them as they were in his own before they were confined. Whether a secret is received from a Mystical Brother or from someone else, no man of honour is permitted to reveal a secret, which he has received under the pledge of secrecy. I will assert, however, that it is absurd, and a false premise, to assert that a man, be he a Mystical Brother or not, is bound by any such obligation to protect the criminal from the vindication of the law. I will conclude and advise that it must be left to every man to determine by his own conscience whether he is at liberty to betray knowledge of facts with which he could not have become acquainted except under some such pledge.

Hand to Back:

The Mystical Court borrows symbols from many sources, thus the hand to back.
In many of the ancient mysteries the hand, especially the left hand, was deemed a symbol of equity while the right hand is deemed a symbol of fidelity. From the back, an important lesson is derived which is developed in the ritual of the third degree. In reference to this symbolism I will remind you; “It is a duty incumbent on every Mystical Brother to support a Brother’s character in his absence equally as though he were present; not to revile him behind his back, nor suffer it to be done by others, without using every necessary attempt to prevent it.” I will further add about this symbolism; “The most material part of that brotherly love, which should subsist among us Mystical Brothers, is that of speaking well of each other to the world; more especially it is expected of every member of this fraternity that he should not traduce his Brother. Nothing can be viler than to traduce a man behind his back; it is like the villainy of an assassin who has no virtue enough to give his adversary the means of self-defence.”

Mouth to Ear:

Mystical Brothers are taught to whisper good counsel into the ear of a Brother and, to warn him of approaching danger. The Supreme Grand Commanding Officer says; it is a rare thing except it is from a perfect and entire friend, to have counsel given that is not bowed and crooked to some ends, which he hath that giveth.” It is an admirable lesson that The Mystical Court gives to use the lips and the tongue only in service of a Brother. The ear is one of the three jewels of a crew. In the Hebrew Language, the verb shemong signifies not only to hear but also to understand and obey. In explaining parables and allegories it is said that he who hears the recital of allegories should endeavour to discover their hidden meaning, and be obedient to their teaching. This is the true meaning of the listening ear, which admonishes the mystical crew not only should he receive lessons of instruction, but also that he should treasure them in his breast, and ponder over their meaning and carry out their design in his daily life.