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The point is that we all have a job to do.  God has placed you right where He wants you to be and calls you to be faithful where you are.  Let’s get specific,

  • You may work in a factory. God has called you to pursue excellence in your work and love and faithfulness in your relationships with your co-workers.  He has placed you in that factory to be a beacon of light in your workplace.
  • You may be a student or teacher.  God has called you to follow Him faithfully at school.  He has called you to stand for Him in a worldly environment.  He has called you to show compassion to the hurting and extend friendship to those who have been cast aside.  He calls you to pray for the salvation of those you see every day and He wants you to look for opportunities to plant seeds of faith.
  • You may work in an office with others working under you.  God calls you to be a person who uses your authority to encourage and help people rather than to beat them up. Perhaps He would have you start an after-hours Bible Study with your workers.
  • You may work on a farm.  If so, then God calls you to provide food that is of the highest quality.  He wants you to use your resources to help others.  He calls you to look for ways to share your faith as you visit with other farmers in the local gathering place.
  • Perhaps you may be a stay at home mom.  God calls you to love your kids but even more, He wants you to teach them about how much God loves them.  He wants you to teach your children to love the Word of God and to make decisions based on God’s Word. God wants you to minister to the other mothers you visit with, the people in the Pediatrician’s office, and the teachers who influence your kids.
  • You may be in health care. God wants you to be His agent of compassion.  He wants you to help people to look not only to the Doctor but also to the Great Physician
  • You may be a parent of a child involved in many activities. God wants you to do more than sit in the audience and cheer.  Those other parents you see all the time are your mission field. He wants you to build relationships with these people.  He wants you to find ways to plant seeds of grace in their lives.
  • You may be retired and limited in what you can do.  Perhaps God would have you use your time to write notes of encouragement.  Maybe He wants you to devote yourself to prayer.  Maybe he wants you to write a book or simply use the time you have to share your faith with family members.


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