HIS HOLINESS, The Anointed Metropolitan PATRIARCH and Presiding Prelate




Flag of Saint Lucia Godfrey Gregg was born in the State of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines of Deldie and McDonald Bynoe. He spent most of his life on the island and was educated at the Bequia Seventh-day Secondary School. He was, however, raised in the Anglican Church, but later became a member of the End Time Tabernacle and was baptized before heeding the call to become a Spiritual Baptist.

Godfrey joined the St. Malachi Spiritual Baptist Church under the leadership of Reverend Nimrod Myers and his wife Queen Mother Reverend Catherine Myers. He was washed and anointed and place on the bench before taking his first “throne of grace”. He was elevated to a “Leader” in that congregation and continued in the service of the Lord. He also was a member of St. Mary’s Spiritual Baptist Church and also had a “throne of grace” with Pointer Conrad. He visited many churches in all districts and maintained his independence.

Godfrey migrated to the United States and studied religion and was ordained in 2007 and received his Doctor of Divinity accolade. In 2010 He was again ordained after completing his courses in Religious studies. He also received many other certificates including another Doctor of Divinity and Church Chapter; Certificates in Church Management and Church Administration.

Godfrey is a co-founder of the Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist Inc. in 2010. It started as a prayer group and then a church registered in the City of New York in the great State of New York. He was appointed Bishop in 2011 by the Archbishop, and Administrator to oversee the registration and to write the rules and bylaws that govern the church. He is also a Licensed Marriage Officiant (LOM) with the State of New York.

In 2012 he was appointed the Senior Bishop and in October same year he replaced Sir Darrindel Hoyte-Johnson as Archbishop after his elevation to the highest Office of PATRIARCH. He continues to work in that office to present. Godfrey has launched the email project that reaches about 70 persons and is aiming to reach 100 on or before the end of the year. He oversees the Sister church in Trinidad and Tobago (The Mystical Order of Spiritual Baptist). As the church continues to grow Godfrey will continue to lead the faithful and win more people to God and to the Mystical Order. Godfrey launched a website ( http://www.mysticalorderinc.org ) and hoping that this will be a way of fostering UNITY among the other Spiritual Baptist Churches.

He received the honour of the religious title Knight of the Order of Saint Michael (OSM) from the Church of Seven Planes. The Mystical Court a division of the Mystical Order has recommended to the Patriarch to confer on him the Title GRAND COMMANDER OF SAINT MICHAEL AND SAINT GEORGE (GCMG). He is also awarded the ORDER of SAINT JOHN (OSJ). He also holds the Mystical Degree of Ordained HIGH PRIEST OF THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK (OHPM). Sir Godfrey has been elevated to the office of Presiding Prelate by The Patriarch on December 6, 2014; and will be addressed as His Beatitude.

With the establishing of the church in Trinidad and Tobago, the Patriarch has appointed Godfrey as The Divisional Patriarch and Administrator of the Church with the laying on of hands by the clergy of The Mystical Order and Full Gospel Tabernacle. He will sit on the Executive Council and be only responsible to the Patriarch and Chief Apostle Sir Darrindel.

Godfrey is very devoted to the church and Ministry and continues his secular job. He is divorced and has one daughter and recently a grandson Le’Mar and Shammie.

On Sunday, October 16, 2016, He was fully elevated to the Office of DIVISIONAL PATRIARCH and will hold the added portfolio of Presiding Prelate. Sir Godfrey will continue to operate in the Office of the Archbishop until a successor is found. At the elevation, he was accorded the ROYAL ORDER OF THE MYSTICAL COURT (ROMC). This honour is given by the Patriarch for dedicated service to the ministry.

Sir Godfrey Gregg was confirmed to the full office of PATRIARCH with the additional title of Presiding Prelate effective January 1, 2018, and shall serve independently to the Patriarch and Chief Apostle. However, for the effective running of the Ministry, both offices will collaborate for the furtherance of the Gospel. Sir Godfrey will continue to manage all related websites. http://www.mysticalcourt.com and http://www.mysticalbrotherhood.wordpress.com