Profile on the life of His Grace Hon. Adrian (Prince) Toussaint born of (Fay Toussaint mother) and Lester Ian Alexander father along with five other siblings he is the third of the six.

Born in San Fernando general hospital Trinidad and Tobago on the 21st April 1985. He grew up in a small house in third class lifestyle in Forrest Avenue Cocoyea with his grandmother Molly Toussaint now deceased. Molly Toussaint was born and grew up in Grenada and later migrated to The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Adrian attended Temple Isaiah Spiritual Baptist Church in Cocoyea under the leadership of deceased Leader Forbes and “captain” Lenny. He attended Cocoyea government school from 1990 to 1997. After graduation, he moved to St. Mary’s Moruga to live in 1997 to attend school in Princess Town Juinor and Senior Comprehensive Schools where he graduated in 2002.

After leaving school Adrian worked various jobs acquiring many skills. Adrian worked and saved money so he could further his education. He studied at Safe Health and Safety Institute, School of Practical Accounts, Creative Arts Music School, Shadrack Nebosh Health and Safety Institute, and the University of the West Indies and graduated will all acquired skills.

Living on my own from age 22 till present. He was the band captain of his secondary school steel band an Mr Princess Town Senior Comprehensive 2000. Hobbies were running track and field, cricket and football.

Adrian took a bad road which led him to be involved in drugs, alcohol, partying etc at an early age. To this date, he took the responsibility for his actions, but God had a better plan for his life. It wasn’t long after that path that he walked into a safety net. The plans of God are endless and you never know when you will be tackled to safety.

Adrian received his spiritual awakening at age 22 while “liming” in a popular bar at St Marys Moruga through a first time experience of manifestation of spirits which he is still guided by to this date. Adrian Toussaint was baptized and took a “throne of grace” (moan) at Mount Bethel Cathedral in St. Madeline Trinidad and Tobago under the leadership of Her Grace Archbishop Mother Sheila Jordan where he became a prince in the spirit. Worship there for a couple of years then left after he became spiritually sick for a 2 years period then proceeded by deceased king Bishop Joel of Mount Gideon Spiritual Baptist Church in Cocorite. He took a “throne of Grace”  (moan) and received healing and became crown prince leader baptizer, pointer, healer overseer in the spirit.

At present, he’s a member of The Mystical order of Baptist inc and Starlight of Israel Healing School of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Adrian was consecrated a Bishop in 2016 and he is the Archbishop-Elect of the organization. His Grace Adrian is working to build the ministry to be a model organization in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.