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10. Waiting for God to Deliver You From a Trial

The Testing of Your Faith,” there will be times that God will allow a certain amount of trials to occur in your life.

We give you in this message some of those reasons, and the major verses from Scripture as to why we all have to go through a certain amount of trials and tribulations in this life.

But one of the things that will occur on some of the trials that God will allow into our lives for the reasons mentioned in the above article, is that some of these trials will have a certain amount of length to them.

In other words, God is not going to quickly deliver you from some of these trials. They will have a date and time stamped on them as to when God will finally deliver you from the trial.

And if God wants a particular trial to last for a little season in our lives so He can work in us what He needs to for our own spiritual growth in Him, then we will need to have the patience to wait on His timing as to when He will deliver us from the trial.

Try to pull out of these trials before God is ready to release you, and you could end up stunting your spiritual growth in Him in the sanctification realm, along with possibly disrupting His well laid out plans for your life and the call that He has set up for your life.

Some of these trials will be used by God to train you and toughen you up for what your call is going to be in Him. Pull out of these trials before God is ready to release you, and you could end up causing a major delay to occur as to when His call will be finally given to you, as you did not allow Him to properly complete what He was wanting to get done with you in the trial.



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