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6. In the Area of Divine Healing

Another major area in our walk with the Lord where we have to learn how to have more patience is in the area of divine healing.

Many of the times when God will want to heal someone, He will want to do it progressively over a certain period of time. People call this a progressive type healing when they see this occur with the Lord.

There are times when God will move to heal immediately and instantaneous, and these types of miracles are always very dramatic when they occur.

But sometimes God will choose to heal someone more slowly over a certain period of time. And if He chooses this kind of route with any of us, we have to have patience to stay the course, along with keeping our faith and trust fully intact with Him so we do not lose the healing with Him.

Just realize that God will heal in many different ways, and in each one of these different ways, there again will be a timing factor as to when He will want to actually do it.

The Holy Spirit will help guide you through this so you do not get too impatient while waiting for the actual healing to manifest for either you or the other person you may be praying for.

Many people have walked out on their healings with the Lord before they would have actually occurred, all due to impatience and frustration at not getting the healing fast enough.



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