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3. Waiting for God to Promote You Into Your Next New Job

As you are waiting for that big call to come into your life, God will have you take different jobs along the way before you actually reach that call. Once you step into those different jobs, you will have to wait for God’s timing as to when you will move into the next new job.

And not only will God guide you as to what different jobs He will want you to take, but He will also be guiding you as to when to take those specific new jobs.

These different jobs will be very important for your growth in Him, as they will all be used by God to train you and build you up into what your true calling is going to be in Him down the road.

This is why you have to make sure that you stay in each job long enough so God can work into you what He wants too, as each one of these different jobs will be actual stepping stones and building blocks that will help lead you into your true calling with Him.

God knows exactly how long you will have to stay in each job so He can work into you what He needs to. If you stay in each one of these jobs long enough so God can properly complete your preparation, then you will be fully ready to go when your true calling is given to you by the Lord.


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