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The Color Turquoise Symbolizes

Calmness and Clarity

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The Splendors of Turquoise

With its myriad hues, the colour turquoise perpetually inspires. Comprised of green, blue, and yellow tones, turquoise is a striking combination of these colour wheel beauties. Never one to boast, turquoise is radiant without knowing it. With its humility and shifting charm, there’s much to love about this greenish-blue shade.

Awakens Emotions

Whether you lead with your head or your heart, the colour turquoise speaks to both. By pairing these two powerhouses together, the colour turquoise gives rise to healthy emotions. Colour psychology suggests that turquoise both heals and controls our feelings. As a result, we gain emotional stability. However, excessive use of the colour turquoise may precipitate emotional imbalance.

Offers Positive Effects

As tranquil as it is inviting, turquoise restores, warms, and soothes the soul. We can ascribe its peaceful presence to its blue undertones, its energizing spirit to its yellow elements, and its encouraging aspects to its green components. Together, these three hues make turquoise the uplifting and relaxing colour that it is. To combat stress and fatigue, turn to the colour turquoise. Its serene and sunny disposition won’t disappoint.

A Great Emergency Contact

In the throes of a crisis, allow the colour turquoise to talk you off the ledge. Turquoise helps us think clearly, making it the ideal colour to have around when an emergency arises. Not only does it foster sound decision-making, but it also promotes structure. When we see the colour turquoise, it makes us want to be more organized. It doesn’t demand that we get things in order. Instead, it merely suggests it.

Eases the Nervous System

Reigning in emotions is easier said than done. The colour turquoise facilitates this process by calming the nervous system. When our nerves are at ease, it bodes well for stress-free living. What’s more, it boosts self-assurance, making us more confident in our daily choices. For public speakers, seeing the colour turquoise can offer a wave of stillness. When giving a speech, the colour turquoise reminds us to get out of our heads. This enables us to remain focused and levelheaded.

A Spiritual Mentor

The colour turquoise has the incredible ability to connect with our souls. It’s unassuming, so we don’t take offence when it offers guidance. Turquoise makes us feel more in harmony with our intuition. As we develop a stronger bond with our sixth sense, spiritual growth follows. Simply put, this stunning shade encourages us to expand our minds, diversify our understandings, and open our hearts.


Though it has many fantastic qualities, the colour turquoise isn’t without its faults. Turquoise loathes loneliness, making it clingy and unconfident. These attributes make it vulnerable, which manifests as selfishness. Those who are sure of themselves don’t always appreciate the colour turquoise because it can be judgemental and aloof.

A Quiet Observer

When turquoise manages to go unnoticed, it takes this opportunity to digest its surroundings. Depending on its mood, turquoise may simply observe, or it might judge. These traits reveal the colour’s more childish side. Moreover, as a subtle observer, the colour turquoise is more informed than we think.

Aqua is closer to green than blue. It is refreshing, uplifting, creative and cheerful, while at the same time being strong and independent.

Aquamarine strengthens creativity and inspiration. It soothes and balances the mind and emotions.

Blue-green (or teal) is an advanced turquoise shade that symbolizes credibility and reliability. It is known to promote engagement and spiritual development.

How the Color Turquoise Affects You

  • Provides clear thoughts and increased concentration
  • Calms and recharges your energies
  • Can make you hide your feelings

Summary: Turquoise Color Meaning

A far cry from ordinary, the colour turquoise is one of the more interesting shades on the colour spectrum. Exuding both favourable and questionable attributes, turquoise embodies stability, open-mindedness, and relaxation. It also exemplifies uncertainty, emotional impulsivity, and immaturity. Overall, turquoise is a mind-blowing yet mysterious hue.

Turquoise symbolizes: compassion, calmness, clarity, communication
Effects of turquoise: balances, clarifies, calms, stabilizes
Positive traits: concentration, growth, peace, empathy
Negative traits: narcissism, stress, secrecy, boastfulness

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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