HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

Jealousy is a major function of self-righteousness and arrogance; therefore it is a major factor in Christian backsliding and degeneracy. Jealousy causes a Christian to develop a system of legalism or false spirituality, to set himself up as a role model for what Christianity should be, then to try to get others to accept their model of false self-identity.
While jealousy is part of the pride complex of sins, it generates its own suite of sinful reactions, including

  • bitterness,
  • vindictiveness,
  • implacability,
  • ambition,
  • competition,
  • verbal sins,
  • revenge tactics.

Jealousy is a system of self-justification. You cannot solve your problems when you are trying to justify yourself.
The filling of the Holy Spirit cannot co-exist with jealousy; they are mutually exclusive. Therefore, jealousy keeps a person from glorifying Christ.
Jealousy is a discontent with the blessings of successes of other people, a resentment of other people for what they have received. Therefore, it is total selfishness and is incapable of love. Love and jealousy are mutually exclusive.
Jealousy is tyranny, in that it comes from an attitude of possessiveness of another person, and therefore stifles the other person’s volition. Jealousy destroys freedom because it intrudes upon privacy.

Jealousy tears down the truth of God’s word with a lie. With God, there is unlimited good. God has an unlimited supply of goodness and blessing for everything on earth.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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