I want to honour some of our ancestors that have left the shores for their rewards. Though they have gone on, their works and labours remind us that there is more to be done for this generation and our future. I had the privilege of meeting many that I mentioned and I still feel the pride of their presence. I want the family and spiritual Children are not forgotten by this ministry. We need to come together to write the story and history of each one for the next generation.

This is my pleasure to introduce a short list until I am able to engrave the remainder of names.

Grand Mitress The Honourable Pearlie Roach

Patriarch His Beatitude Dr Granville Williams

Patriarch His Beatitude Conrad Sutherland

Patriarch His Beatitude Edmund John

Archbishop Her Grace Monica Rondoo

Archbishop His Grace Cosmore Pompey

Archbishop His Grace Sir Frank Simon

Bishop His Lordship Dacosta Blucher and Mother Blucher

Pointer Phillips                                 Pointer Warren

Reverend Nimrod Myers and Queen Catherine Myers 

Pointer Conrad                                      Pointer Toney

Mother Francis                                      Mother Sandy

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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