HH Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

The Virtue of Loyalty Binds Women to the Heart and Character of Jesus Christ

Many different people are loyal to many different things. From banks to football teams, and from car dealers to brands of clothing, there are devoted customers and followers of just about every kind of object and organization. Even in the spiritual realm, there are those whose loyalties are found in the god of self, the god of money, the god of material possessions, any and all things connected to the god of this world. But for the children of the One true God, their loyalty should be anchored in the Person of Jesus Christ and the Word of God. To be loyal to someone or something literally means to be bound to it, like fine threads woven into a fabric, or like ligaments and tendons that are knit together within the human body. To remove either would require a tearing or cutting away, leaving a gaping hole and perhaps even irreparable damage.
Today, businesses that offer employment incentives usually are the ones who keep their employees. Likewise, businesses that provide perks for customers usually keep them coming back for more. But unfortunately, worldly individuals can be easily led from one object of loyalty to another, if the new thing promises something better than the old. But for Christians, this kind of fickleness has no place in the kingdom of God. They know that nothing the world promises could ever be better than what is found in their Saviour. In His address to the Jews from the entrance to the temple, Jesus plainly stated, “And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand.” (John 10:28) Jesus was speaking of those who heard His voice and followed Him. They remained loyal to Him because He was their Shepherd. He fed them, protected them, guided them and disciplined them, and they weren’t going anywhere without Him. Spiritually, the followers of Christ had bound themselves to Him and could not be taken away by anyone or anything. They were closely tied to the Redeemer of their soul. That was true loyalty. And that is how Christians today are to view their relationship to Jesus Christ. The possibility of even entertaining the thought of someone or something taking the place of their Saviour should be the farthest thing from their minds. They know in Whom they trust, and their mind is fixed on the One who called them out of darkness. That is what Jesus meant when He said that no one could snatch them out of His hand.
Archbishop Hercules

Author: Godfrey Gregg