For you to say “my husband is the best dad”, he has to have shown these 6 signs of a good father.

1. He is there for the children.

Your children don’t feel neglected by their dad because he is always there for them when they need him. He attends their baseball practices and any other functions at school and they know they can count on him whenever they need him.

2. He spends time with his children and wants to understand each one of them.

Yes, he may be busy with work and the likes, but that does not stand in the way of his making an effort to spend equal time with all his children. And not only does he spend time with them, but he is also striving to get to know and understand them better. And where he does not understand how to deal with any of the children, he asks for your views because he knows that you would know better as their mom.

3. He teaches his sons how to grow up to be men of calibre and timber.

A great father knows that he has a lot of work to do in ensuring that his sons grow up to be honourable and quality men in society. He teaches his sons how to be a good men and treat everyone around him right, especially women. He plays this active role by watching his sons and how they interact and relate with their sisters and his wife, their mother. And he is quick to correct and discipline them to ensure that they grow up to be men of calibre.

4. He treats his daughters like princesses so that they have enough love at home and don’t need to look outside for it.

A great father also knows that he should treat his daughter like a princess so that she does not settle for a man that would treat her less than the princess that she is. He takes her out on daddy-daughter dates and always affirms her worth and beauty to her.

Some studies have shown that women who end up with abusive partners lacked a good father figure in their lives when growing up. As a result, they tend to subconsciously look for their absent fathers in the men they end up with and the void created by this need causes some of them to stay in the relationship even when it is unhealthy for them. And thus, the great father looks after his daughter to ensure that this does not happen.

5. He models what a good husband is to his children in the way he treats his wife.

His children already have the prototype of what a great husband looks like just by observing their awesome dad. And because they know what a great husband looks like, his sons will model the same thing and strive to be better and his daughters will know not to settle for less when it comes to a loving husband.

6. He treats all his children equally and with love and respect.

He does not pit his children against each other and he does not make a show of having a favourite among his children. All his children feel equally loved and cherished because that is how he is towards them.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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