HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

The Salmons – Prayer Letters

Let me thank all that journeyed with us throughout these last 21 days that were set aside for fasting and prayer. We persevered with the challenges of family, work, business and school; but we reached the finishing line.

This is the time to count your blessings and look back on the long journey with your accomplishments. Nothing is easy but it takes a little effort to start and with perseverance made it to the end.

I am constantly reminded about Daniel when he set his heart to heaven in prayer, and what should have been a one-shot for an answer took him twenty-one days for his answer to arrive. Throughout that ordeal, Daniel was very patient and never stop praying.

Heaven answered immediately and sent his deliverance. You do not know how Daniel’s prayer troubled heaven? God responded immediately and the enemy had locked the path through which the deliverance was passing. Michael the Archangel fought in battle until there was a breakthrough. Finally, he arrives at Daniel’s side and delivered the message from the Father.

Let me encourage you today, never cease to pray. Pray when you see the answer and pray when you aren’t seeing anything. I do believe that you should just pray and believe that God is more than able to grant you all your desires.

May heaven receive all our prayers over the last three weeks and the many requests will be burned with incense as the smoke ascend the heavens to make way for the messengers with your answers. I believe it and live it.

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