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What a mighty God we serve and who has brought us out of darkness into this marvellous light and have set our feet on the rock to stay. It is a privilege for us who were part of this ascension to the throne of Patriarch on October 21, 2012.

We are in the land of the living to testy of all the goodness of our God and to give thanks and praise and to honour all who were part of history within the Spiritual Baptist Faith. I speak of no other person than His All Holiness, Patriarch and Chief Apostle Sir Darrin Johnson.

I will not forget that day when we were looking for space to hold the celebration and were denied. I never lost faith because I know that God is still more than able to do whatever we ask of Him in His Name. One door closed and the other was opened waiting. Dr Nathaniel Waterman and the Full Gospel Tabernacle was made available for the event with Dr Waterman overseeing the ceremony.

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It has been six years since that event and Sir Darrin has been a tower of strength in good and bad times. He doesn’t seem to be getting tired and every day he looks more energized for the task ahead.

I join with the clergy and members to wish Sir Darrin many more years of service in his office and that God will continue to direct his path leading the church to higher heights and through deeper depths. The challenges ahead will not be easy and there is not a promise to ease the weight load.

It is with distinct honour that we induct you on the Page of The Mystical Order as an HONOUREE of the year 2018.

Long live Sir Darrin and God bless our Patriarch and Chief Apostle.

God bless the land of his birth the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago



Author: Godfrey Gregg

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