Palm Sunday - New Birth Missionary Baptist Church-Lithonia, GA

HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

How Do You View the King on Palm Sunday? Well, today is very different from previous years as we live through this pandemic of Corinavirus also called Covid-19. There is social distancing or staying 6 feet apart to control or stop the spread of the virus. However, with Christ in our hearts, we can smile at the storms. This too shall pass and we will be able to tell our testimonies.

Today is Palm Sunday. We picture ourselves welcoming the King into our city and into our hearts. He tries to make his intentions known by not coming on a great stallion but on a lowly donkey, meek and humble.

But I wonder how many here look upon this lowly Servant-King and feel that this is just a thin veneer, and that really beneath this lowly exterior there is a terrible power and authority which is just waiting to burst out against you if you slip in any way. I wonder how many feel that it is not really the deepest pleasure of this King’s heart to serve his people and meet their needs.

I wonder how many feel that he’s riding this donkey of lowliness as a kind of camouflage. And once he gains a foothold, he will throw off his rags, pull out his sword, and storm forth to do what he really loves to do, namely, judge and destroy. Of course, some will be saved—the few who somehow could please him. But that is not his heart’s desire. He is basically angry—always angry. And the best we can do is stay out of his way, and maybe, if we keep the rules well enough, we could sneak by him when he is in one of his temporary good moods.

Discovering the True Heart of God

This morning Jesus is at pains to help you not feel that way about God. And I want to simply spend the time we have meditated on one verse, namely, Luke 12:32 because every little piece of this verse is intended to help take away the fear that Jesus knows we struggle with, namely, that God begrudges his benefits, that he is constrained and out of character when he does nice things, that at bottom he is angry and loves to vent his anger.

Luke 12:32 is a verse about the nature of God. It’s a verse about what kind of heart God has. It’s a verse about what makes God glad—not merely about what God will do or what he has to do, but what he delights to do, what he loves to do and takes pleasure in doing.

Happy Palm Sunday from my living room to you and may God bless you richly.

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Author: Godfrey Gregg

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