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A hand writing on a stone wall.


Will you read the handwriting on the wall?

I wonder just where God might be in His evaluation of our world today. Does He see our state of affairs and pause in thought, determining it is time to put a stop to this? O, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, where will you stand in that great and dreadful day? Will you be standing alongside these United States of America and her allies? Where will the Caribbean Islands stand in light of what is happening in our world today?

I don’t know when that might occur, but I do know that you and I must come to a place and time in our lives when we must act to stand in opposition to sinful society, turning toward God and changing our ways.

Are we big enough for the challenge of our times? For you and me, the challenge is to turn away from this world and begin to live by the teachings of the world to come, the Kingdom of God. That in itself determines whether we can face the challenges with the only power that makes a real difference—God’s Spirit and the teachings of the Kingdom of God.

Daniel in his day at Babylon stood for the Kingdom of God in the midst of the raging wars of the kingdoms of Babylon and Persia. For Daniel the choice was clear. God’s Kingdom—along with the way he had known since a child—was the only right choice. The God he served was the one true God who lives, unlike the gods of stone and wood and metal he saw in the temples of Babylon.

For Daniel, the collapse of his own nation of Judah was done at the will and the hand of his God and served a greater purpose. The gods of Babylon were empty and worthless, unable to hear or see and clearly unable to prevent the demise of Babylon.

The time is now for you to be like Daniel! The time is now to read the handwriting on the wall of our time and seek to understand the will of the God of heaven! Hallelujah, thank God for allowing His sons and daughters to see and understand the hour that we are living in, looking for some miracle but the handwriting. We may not see a writing because we read it daily in the Holy Writ called the Bible. What I do know it is time to lift up our heads and look up for our redemption draweth nigh.

The king and lords and ladies of Babylon were not great enough for their time. Are you up to the challenges of our time? Too many tread endless circles of mediocrity and accept shabby lies and fictions of today’s culture as truth. The result is that we build our lives on shifting sands. When the winds of difficulty blow, they may not stand. It is a sobering thought.

The time is now to take action. The time is now to see the handwriting on the wall and rise to a higher calling and a higher way of life. The time is now to seek the God of heaven and live!

The handwriting is on the wall. Can you read what it says and move to change your life? May Almighty God bless us and open our eyes to read the handwriting.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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