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Every man dies, but most men do not live a life and have a cause worth dying for. The ORDER OF THE MYSTICAL BROTHERHOOD is an affiliate group of men who desire to live a life and to leave a legacy that has eternal meaning. We are tired, weary, and thirsty – but we are not defeated – and by making the covenant to follow Christ we will be victorious. We are willing to fight to be shining lights in the midst of the darkness. We are willing to lay down our lives for true freedom – true peace and that God will honour our commitments. We want to fill our thirsty souls with the love of God and God-obsession rather than sinful addictions and self-obsession. We know we are in a vicious battle against evil. But when we fail and get knocked down – we will get back up again and follow the light. For us, there is no plan B. Forward is the command of OUR Supreme Commander and there is no room for error.

These are important days – possibly in the last days.  Many in our ministry believe this to be true.  In this generation, the Kingdom of God is advancing against forces of evil. There are many who were willing to bury the Mystical Order and we have put them to shame. The fight is heating up brethren and the command is forward. I am here to encourage you to move in the footsteps of your Commander and do not think about looking back. Your order if to move FORWARD. All of God’s image-bearing children are being called by Christ our King to follow Him in the purpose for which we each were uniquely created. Few will choose to say “Yes” to the difficult journey of the “narrow road.” But the ORDER OF THE MYSTICAL BROTHERHOOD does not want to miss out on our rightful heritage as “brothers of Christ.” Jesus once said, “Anyone who does God’s will is my brother.”  (Mark 3:35) We have pledged our lives to the Ministry and Mission that will echo throughout eternity. And we look forward to the eternal rewards for which we were made to receive. We are a few of the men and women who have said “Yes” to the call of our King Jesus Christ and the ORDER OF THE MYSTICAL BROTHERHOOD – to follow Him in battle – to become His disciples – and to become more like Him no matter the cost. And we are challenging other men and women to do the same – for we know we cannot fight this battle alone. We are crying out to other men and women to step up to the call and embrace their rightful heritage. The ORDER OF THE MYSTICAL BROTHERHOOD is a group of men and women who have made the covenant with God:

  1. To become a follower and brother of Christ—no matter the cost; and
  2. To engage in the battle with other like-hearted men and women in authentic, secret-less relationships to serve the true and living God.

This is your moment to shine and to live above the reproaches of the world. No matter what the world throws at you, do not give in but stand firm with your head towards the prize. The battle is the Lord so turn over every criminal to the Lord and He will pass the judgement. Stand up and fight with me and if you are in your community alone take a stand for the things that are right. Your Legacy will be your judge

HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

Principal Commander (Brotherhood)

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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