HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

“As birds flying, so will the Lord of hosts defend Jerusalem; defending also he will deliver it; and passing over he will preserve it.” Isaiah 31:5

As birds flutter over their nests with quivering and palpitating wings, thus will Jehovah protect His people. That is a promise.

So God shelters me. Like the bird brooding above its young when some danger threatens, He will screen and secure my soul. My greatest perils are spiritual ones — my own sinful flesh. But nearer and mightier, are the shadow of God’s guardian wings.

And God loves me. For He is like a mother-bird, the prophet says, as tender, as solicitous, as unconquerably pitiful. He has not only a father’s strong right arm; He has a mother’s strangely, marvellously, unsearchably affectionate heart. There is no woman, there is no mother half so mild.

And God suffers for me. The parent bird may have to lay down her life in defence of her young. Is it not a little quaint parable of Calvary? I know the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ — how He drank the bitter cup, how He bade the sword of divine justice to smite Him. I have eternal rest through His sorrow.

Author: Patriarch Gregg

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