HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

I pray that you must have peace within yourself.

Have you seen yourself lately? You are always angry and busy fighting. You are fighting everything and fighting everyone.
First, you had valid good reasons why you should be fighting.
Now you have excuses why you are fighting.

I pray that you have peace within yourself.

Its foreigners you’re fighting. After winning.
It’s racism war you’re fighting. After winning.
It tribalism you’re fighting. After winning.
Its culture vs religion war you’re fighting. After winning.
Its gender war, boys versus girls you’re fighting. After winning.
Its girls against other girls (feminine war) and boys against other boys (muscular war) you’re fighting. After winning.
It’s your thoughts against your heart war you’re fighting. After winning.
It’s your feelings against spirituality war you’re fighting. After winning.
its something else your fighting…………….

The money you have. The status you have. Job and friends you have.
Pride and ego you have, but I pray you to have peace. and I pray that you have inner peace.
Some battles you fight them but the real war is within yourself.

After winning the war it is time for you to mend the broken fence and start to rebuild the damage that was done during the fighting process. You have already won because your battle was fought and won by the Lord. Hallelujah

So why are you still fighting the people that stood alongside you in the war? Are you now cannibals eating the flesh of the people that fought with you and survived? Where is your vision or was there just ego or machoism? What was the purpose of fighting if you do not know how to rebuild the things you have pulled down or even destroyed?

God is watching brethren, and He will bring all of our actions into account one of these days. We will be called individually to answer our involvement and even our presence in the “melee”. God is not one that can lie and His art of judgement yesterday is the same today for He never changes. Bless the Lord.

I am here to pray the peace of God on each of us this season and moreso that inner peace that we all need to endure. May the God of heaven cleanse us and lift our spirits heavenward that we will not see the past but Jesus the Prince of Peace and so He can dwell in our hearts this season. As we close the year of turmoil and uncertainty, let us look ahead to the coming New Year where there can be some hope for this generation. May God do that work in the hearts of men and women that new birth is witnessed in the lives of many and that they come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Author: Patriarch Gregg

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