Sir Godfrey Gregg D. DIV, LOM


Our words guide and direct our lives.  Too often, however, instead of speaking the unchangeable truths of God which would lead our life toward glory, we declare our problems and the evil that tries and tempts us everyday.  We say things such as “I guess this will fall apart,” or “You know what happens every time we plan a vacation, the kids get sick.”  What about: “I just can’t remember anything anymore. I must be loosing it  – ha ha!”

When we utter such phrases, we are putting them in motion – we’re saying this is okay; this is what we want.  The more we talk about problems – how worn out we are, how broke we are, how depressed we feel, how life is not getting any better – the more we are declaring, decreeing, and affirming that we believe those things.  We are confessing them out of our mouth and they are established.

Our words propel us on the road we will walk in days ahead.  We can sit in church and shout “Amen!” all day long – even own fifty Bibles,  notebooks crammed full of the truths on righteousness and visit every baptist churchbut unless we bridle our tongue, we will remain on paths we do not want to travel.

What we really believe and speak is what we will become.  That is why it is so important to begin declaring God’s word until we totally accept what He says about us is truth.  His Word is always the truth, and that is what we want established in our lives!

Victory! Peace! Joy! Health!  We will never live in triumph until we begin to believe and agree with His Word.  For instance, He declares that we are the head and not the tail.  We may feel like the tail, and it may even look like we’re the tail, but that is not the truth of the matter.  He said we are the head and God does not lie.

Author: Godfrey Gregg