20160612_154436_HDRPraise the Lord for all His goodness to us His children and to my brothers and sisters in the Lord and in the power of His might, Thank God for another day to be on the land of the living to offer praise and thanks to Your Holy Name. Let us look at another aspect of Spiritual Abuse by leaders/members.


Once a church member surrenders to a system of control, the leader/minister gives limited information to each individual, carefully monitoring each relationship. As a result, each member is only able to relate to other members based on the information he receives from the leader/minister. Sometimes it drives members to break and steal for information as to the secrecy. Many times there is nothing secret within the church and stolen information is used as part of their gain. Sometimes they are copied for the members benefit who wants to be the “so-called leader.”

In this way, if the church staff or minister determines that one of the members has become a “threat,” they have a strategy in place to maintain the control they believe is required. Consequently, the church can sever relationships when necessary and keep this process cloaked behind a veil of secrecy.

We read of this action in the newspapers or watched it on television. It will make no sense to practice this behaviour with a few members since the gains will be small.

This is not limited to members of the congregation. I know a minister who did this with his staff. In casual conversations, he would make a comment that would result in one staff member becoming suspicious of another. Or he would say something to cause one staff member to feel superior.

This atmosphere fueled selfish ambition and competition among the staff. It became the minister’s way of maintaining control and ensuring that his staff could never challenge his authority. In time, the assistant pastors discovered what was happening, and eventually, they all left.

Secrecy may also cloak the area of finances. Pastors may make brazen appeals for money, yet offer no assurance that the finances of the church are handled with accountability and integrity.

This is a major problem, especially in small churches. There will be no fear or scandal if there are no contributions. Often times those members that don’t contribute wants accountability. That is not the cause and they want the beef and the whole cow without giving a dime. In today’s world churches are run like business and accountability is required at all level.

I have actually heard ministers tell their congregations that the financial decisions of the church do not become a public matter because “the congregation doesn’t have the spiritual insight or maturity to understand the dynamics of church finances.” Have you heard this line of reasoning?

Yes but the members of the church must be aware of the state and health of the church finances. Some ministers actually preach, “It doesn’t matter what we do with your money. Your responsibility is simply to give.” However, the Bible commands us to be good stewards — and part of good stewardship is making sure that proper systems of accountability are established to handle tithes and offerings. (1 Peter 4:10.)

It is very simple — money represents power. Ultimately, control comes down to issues of power. Therefore, it should be no surprise that controlling leaders/ministers will use unbiblical means to manipulate people into giving.

As good stewards, when we become aware of financial mismanagement, we are responsible for where we sow our financial seed. I can’t imagine anyone choosing to continue to give money after becoming aware of the misuse of funds. However, if the approval of those in leadership is more important to a person than financial integrity, that person might still feel compelled to give — even if misuse of funds was involved.

When you give you are giving unto the Lord and not merely to the church. There is a big promise with this giving to the Lord. The word of God promise to return to us pressed down and shaken together and sometimes running over. Hallelujah

Your servant and brother,
+ Sir Godfrey Gregg
Archbishop and Presiding Prelate
Administrator and Apostolic Head
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Author: Godfrey Gregg