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We have rad the research on the Book of Ruth and now the questions and answers to test our knowledge and what w have learnt. Good luck and I will see you next week as we look at the Book of Esther.

Ruth Chapter 1 Questions

1. What period of time is the book of Ruth set in?

2. This is one of the two books in the Bible where a __________ is the main character.

3. Who do many believe penned the book of Ruth?

4. In the story, we see that Jesus was descended from both _____ and __________.

5. Ruth is a __________ woman.

6. The teaching in Ruth is the _________ ___________ ___________.

7. God had forbidden the Hebrews to ______________ with the Moabites.

8. Many believe the book of Ruth to be the most beautiful _______ story in the Bible.

9. Where is the law of the near-kinsman redeemer found?

10. Who was Boaz’s mother?

11. Who was the son of Ruth and Boaz?

12. Who was his son?

13. Obed was the father of ________.

14. Jesse was the father of ________.

15. During the time of verse 1, there was a _________ in the land.

16. Where did Naomi live at that time?

17. Who was her husband?

18. How many sons did she have?

19. What does “Elimelech” mean?

20. What does “Naomi” mean?

21. What happened to Elimelech?

22. Who were the brides of Naomi’s sons?

23. How many years did they dwell with them?

24. What does “Orpah” mean?

25. What does “Ruth” mean?

26. What were the names of the sons of Naomi that died?

27. After the sons died, what did Naomi decide to do?

28. What did Naomi release her daughters-in-law to do?

29. What was the relationship between Naomi and the two girls?

30. What did Naomi do as a gesture of her love for these girls?

31. What good reason did Naomi give the girls for them going home and seeking husbands there?

32. Who did Naomi say had gone out against her?

33. Which of the girls took Naomi’s advice, and went to her home?

34. What does the other do?

35. What answer does Ruth give Naomi in verses 16 and 17?

36. When is this very thing said between a man and a woman?

37. What does “Bethlehem” mean?

38. What is Naomi’s name changed to?

39. What does this name mean?

40. God chastens those he ________.

41. Who does Naomi blame for her problems?


Ruth Chapter 2 Questions

  1. Who was the wealthy kinsman of Naomi’s husband?
  2. What does “Boaz” mean?
  3. What did Ruth say to Naomi, that she wanted to do to get them something to eat?
  4. What is Ruth called in verse 2?
  5. What was gleaning?
  6. Who was allowed to glean?
  7. Ruth was a Moabitess by _________, but a Hebrew by _____________.
  8. Who does Ruth want to find favor with?
  9. What is “hap”, in verse 3, speaking of?
  10. Boaz came from _____________.
  11. How did he greet his workers?
  12. What did Boaz ask the servant that was over the reapers?
  13. What can we safely assume about Ruth?
  14. How did the servant answer Boaz?
  15. She had asked permission to ________.
  16. What does Boaz call Ruth in verse 8?
  17. What does he tell her to do?
  18. What instructions does Boaz give the young men about Ruth?
  19. Who is Ruth to stay near?
  20. What humble statement does Ruth make in verse 10?
  21. What has been told Boaz that makes him admire Ruth?
  22. What blessing does Boaz speak on Ruth?
  23. What did Boaz invite her to eat with him?
  24. What special favor did Boaz tell his young men to show Ruth?
  25. How long did she glean in the field that day?
  26. How much barley did she get?
  27. What special thing had Ruth saved for Naomi?
  28. What questions did Naomi ask Ruth about her gleaning?
  29. When does Ruth become aware that Boaz is their near-kinsman?
  30. What does Naomi tell Ruth to do?
  31. How long did Ruth glean from Boaz’s fields?
  32. What were some advantages, besides the food, they all received from the extended gleaning?
  33. She lived with _________.


Ruth Chapter 3 Questions

  1. Naomi had great love for _________.
  2. She tells Ruth that Boaz is their __________.
  3. Where would Boaz be that night?
  4. What was the law of their land about a near kinsman?
  5. What is “winnowing”?
  6. What did Naomi tell Ruth to do to herself, before she goes to Boaz?
  7. Why was she not to go in, until he had finished eating and drinking?
  8. After Boaz went to sleep, what was Ruth to do?
  9. Why is Naomi trying to get Boaz to marry Ruth?
  10. How does Ruth answer these suggestions of Naomi?
  11. When Boaz went to sleep, what did Ruth do?
  12. When did Boaz wake up?
  13. What did he realize, when he woke up?
  14. What question did Boaz ask the woman at his feet?
  15. What would “the spreading of his skirt over her” show?
  16. What had Boaz noticed about Ruth’s character?
  17. He called her a __________ woman.
  18. How did he feel about Ruth choosing him?
  19. What bad news does Boaz give her in verse 12?
  20. What does Boaz ask Ruth to do?
  21. Is Boaz willing to marry Ruth?
  22. Why did she rise very early in the morning?
  23. What did Boaz give her to take with her?
  24. What did Naomi ask Ruth, when she saw her?
  25. What did this question mean?
  26. How did Ruth answer her?
  27. What was the gift of barley for?
  28. What did Naomi tell Ruth to do about the situation?
  29. Why is Ruth concerned?
  30. Why does Naomi believe this will work out for Ruth and Boaz to marry?


Ruth Chapter 4 Questions

  1. Where did Boaz go to try to catch the kinsman of Ruth and Naomi?
  2. What did Boaz do, when he saw him?
  3. Who did Boaz take with him to the gate?
  4. Why had Boaz brought them?
  5. What does the number “ten” speak of?
  6. What did Boaz tell the kinsman that Naomi was doing?
  7. Who had told this to Boaz, most probably?
  8. Why does the author believe the kinsman is Boaz’s older brother?
  9. Why is Boaz saying this in front of the ten men he brought with him?
  10. When the kinsman heard about the land, what did he want to do?
  11. When did he change his mind?
  12. What makes it legal, in the sight of God, for Boaz to marry Ruth?
  13. He does not love Ruth as ________ does.
  14. What does the kinsman say in front of the witnesses?
  15. What did it mean for him to “take off his shoe and give it to Boaz”?
  16. What does Boaz say to the elders, after he receives the shoe of the kinsman?
  17. How did Naomi feel about this?
  18. In verse 10, Boaz says he purchased Ruth to be his _______.
  19. The first child of Ruth and Boaz will belong to whom?
  20. How would Ruth be like Rachel and Leah?
  21. In a good marriage, how does the husband feel about the wife?
  22. How does the wife feel about the husband?
  23. The LORD gave Ruth conception, and she had a ______.
  24. What is this grandson to Naomi?
  25. Who helped Ruth raise the child?
  26. Who named the son?
  27. What does “Obed” mean?
  28. He was the father of _______, who was the father of ______.
  29. How does the genealogy here, and in the New Testament, vary?

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