HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

“And the Lord said unto Moses, Wherefore criest thou unto me? speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward:” (Exodus 14:15).

As we draw near to the close of this year2020 and we are looking forward to a new year, there is one thing we can carry with us and that is the God we have trusted in the previous year to be ever-present with us.

Imagine, O child of God, if you can, that triumphal march! The excited children restrained from ejaculations of wonder by the perpetual hush of their parents; the most uncontrollable excitement of the women as they found themselves suddenly saved from a fate worse than death; while the men followed or accompanied them ashamed or confounded that they had ever mistrusted God or murmured against Moses; and as you see those mighty walls of water piled by the outstretched hand of the Eternal, in response to the faith of a single man, learn what God will do for His own.

Dread not any result of implicit obedience to His command; fear not the angry waters which, in their proud insolence, forbid your progress. Above the voices of many waters, the mighty breakers of the sea, “the Lord sitteth King forever.”

A storm is only as of the outskirts of His robe, the symptom of His advent, the environment of His presence.

Dare to trust Him; dare to follow Him! And discover that the very forces which barred your progress and threatened your life, at His bidding become the materials of which an avenue is made to liberty. Let nothing bar you from making that last step in 2020, it is your calling to move forward in the New Year 2021. Pack all the unwanted things that have kept you down, leave them behind and move forward in faith under a new anointing. We are nearing home, brethren, MOVE FORWARD now or never.

Have you come to the Red Sea place in your life, Where, in spite of all you can do, There is no way out, there is no way back, There is no other way but through? Then wait on the Lord with a trust serene Till the night of your fear is gone; He will send the wind, He will heap the floods, When He says to your soul, “Go on.” This is your time of preparation, get ready brethren we are moving forward in the Name of the Lord.

And His hand will lead you through-clear through–Ere the watery walls roll down, No foe can reach you, no wave can touch, No mightiest sea can drown; The tossing billows may rear their crests, Their foam at your feet may break, But over their bed, you shall walk dry-shod In the path that your Lord will make. Oh, Hallelujah, no enemy can hold you back, no pressure of weight can keep you down, no bishop, “pointer”, pastor, prophet, patriarch and don’t let any church folks stand between you and your path to deliverance. No “obeah” will conquer you, but I am here to encourage you to go to the bank of the river and be still for the hand of God is about to stretch forth and make you cross over. If it is possible take your family with you and those that do not want to go, leave them behind. God is about to do a work in you during the New Year 2021.

In the morning watch, ‘beneath the lifted cloud, You shall see but the Lord alone, When He leads you on from the place of the sea To a land that you have not known; And your fears shall pass as your foes have passed, You shall be no more afraid; You shall sing His praise in a better place, A place that His hand has made. Hallelujah. Sing praises and songs of joy and watch the enemy move out of your life for good. The pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. Oh, bless the Lord for all His goodness for His mercy is everlasting to everlasting.


Author: Godfrey Gregg

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