HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

As I research the ROOT cause of jealousy and envy among brethren I am going to look deeply into matters that are personal to me and how the enemy over the years broke the barriers to getting to the core of the ministry. There have been warnings which were overlooked until we’ve paid the ultimate cause. We prayed and left them into the hands of the Lord.

As I look at the past I conclude a few things which I will love to share with you and so make changes to your life before you are drawn over the hill with your behaviour.

  • 1. Envy is desiring something someone else has.  In Mark 15:20, Pilot noted that it was for envy that the Jewish leaders brought Jesus forward for trial.  This was very discerning of Pilot. You see, envy is an emotion you need to understand. If someone is doing something that you thought you could do but didn’t do, then you experience jealousy or envy. I’m never jealous of a prizefighter who knocks somebody out. I’m never jealous of a rock star who has a big following. You know why? I’m not a boxer and I’m not a singer. No matter the career field you are in if you see someone attaining favour and results that you intuitively know you could have had also—but you didn’t take the steps to get there—that’s envy! It’s essential to learn to celebrate the victories of others if we are to proceed with the right heart and walk in a place of favour.


  • 2. Be on guard when envy creeps in. Start to watch where that comes from. The enemy wants to keep you focused on what you don’t have—on who you aren’t—instead of on who God made you be and how far you’ve come.


  • 3. Don’t try to be someone else. The comparison is the death of authenticity. Be fully who you are. Recognize that God will never hold back anything from you that is in the field of possibility. Heaven plays no favourites. Your task is to fully develop your own capacity. When you are jealous or envious of others, it’s because someone else is attaining results of which you are also capable. Observe and figure out what steps they are taking that you haven’t yet.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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