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The Hebrew Bible describes Moses as the greatest prophet who ever lived, and for good reason. Moses is born during hard times in ancient Israel. Israelites are enslaved in Egypt, and their growing population alarms the Egyptians that the Egyptian king orders all newborn Israelite males to drown in the Nile River.

Moses’s mother saves her son’s life by placing him in the Nile in a reed basket, where he is soon discovered by Pharaoh’s daughter, who ironically raises Moses in the royal palace. After he’s grown, Moses must flee Egypt after killing an Egyptian who was beating an Israelite slave.

Eventually, God appears to Moses in a burning bush and tells him that he must return to Egypt to deliver the Israelites from their slavery. With God’s help, Moses succeeds in his mission, bringing the Israelites to Mount Sinai, where God first appeared to Moses. At Mount Sinai, God gives Moses the Law, including the Ten Commandments. Moses eventually leads the Israelites to the edge of their Promised Land (ancient Canaan; later Israel), where he dies at the ripe old age of 120 years.

Author: Patriarch Gregg

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