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Okay, Adam and Eve are two people. But Adam and Eve really are inseparable. Even the Bible refers to them as “one flesh” in recognition of their coming from the same flesh (Adam’s) and being joined together again in marital/sexual union.

Adam and Eve are important because, according to the Bible, they’re the first two people in the world, and from them comes everyone who has ever lived.

The human drama begins when God forms Adam from the ground and breathes life into him. God then performs the first surgery, creating Eve from Adam’s side (a more literal translation than “rib”). Adam and Eve lived together in Paradise (or what the Bible calls the Garden of Eden) until they disobey God by eating fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. This act of defiance, called “The Fall” by many theologians, is a real bummer because from it comes painful childbirth, weeds in your garden, and, ultimately, death.

Moreover, Adam and Eve’s disobedience introduces fear and alienation into humankind’s formerly perfect relationships with God and one another. As evidence of this alienation, Adam and Eve’s son, Cain, murders his brother, Abel.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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