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Okay, so you’re feeling inspired. You’ve got your battle plan. You’re ready to go out in formation. Ready to march. You’re ready to fight for your family. Your future. Your life.

That’s all good, but when you march out, those walls are still standing there. They’re surrounding you. So far, you’ve just been wandering around inside these walls. Looking up at them, wondering how they’re ever going to move.

The longer you stay, the bigger the wall gets. Every day new bricks get added by the enemy. Those bricks have names, and we’re going to call them out right now.

Doubt. Fear. Negative thinking. Generational curses. Suicide. Hate. Anger. Unforgiveness. Depression. Oppression. Addictions. Sickness. Disease. Violence. Rage. Malice. Covetousness. Self-righteousness. Pride. Dishonesty. Discontentment.

Let’s call these out for what they are— lies! When these feel like walls in our lives that we cannot escape from, they are lies. Yes, sin enslaves. The enemy enslaves.

That enslavement is real, but it’s based on a lie. The truth is this: Christ came to give us freedom, and who the Son sets free is free indeed!

The number one thing the enemy loves to do is remind us of our past. He would always be whispering in my ear things like, “You’re not good enough.”

“Nobody wants you.”

“Nobody likes you.”

“You’re never going to amount to anything.”

Boy, it would work too. It was a constant struggle back then.

But when I was feeling beat up and in need of encouragement, the Lord would always remind me of the story of the Walls of Jericho.

This story empowers us to be strong and of good courage. Yes, Joshua is a book that is very old. It’s full of literal battles and wars, but the Book of Joshua is extremely relevant for Christians today.

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