HH, Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div
“Come with me from Lebanon, my spouse, with me from Lebanon: look from the top of Amana, from the top of Shenir and Hermon, from the lions’ dens, from the mountains of the leopards.” (Song of Solomon 4:8).

Yes, our perplexities would become plain if we kept on a spiritual elevation. How often when the traveller quite loses his way he can soon find it again from some tree top or some hilltop where all the winding paths he has gone spread behind him, and the whole homeward road opens before. So, from the heights of prayer and faith, we too can see the plain path and know that we are going home.

We have heard so many testimonies like that of Stephen when he was stoned to death and Paul was a witness. We have heard testimonies from loved ones on their deathbed. Many have had a glimpse of the hereafter and came back to tell us about it, but have they found their path back to the Father? There will be times when we lost track and there is no one to take us back and I am encouraging us this morning to get on the mountaintop and look at the journey you were on and get back to finish the mission.

There is no other way in which we can gain victory over the world. We must get above it. We must see it from the side of our great reward. Then it looks like earthly objects after we have gazed upon the sun for a while. Even satan took Jesus on the mountaintop and showed Him the world with a promise. Hallelujah, the answer of Jesus is still shocking to many people today. Our hope is not to go and mingle in the worldly things, but to stay above where God our Father sits.

We are blind to them. When the Italian fruit-seller finds that he is heir to a ducal palace you cannot tempt him any more with the paltry profits of his trade or the company of his old associates. He is above it all.

They who know the hope of their calling and the riches of the glory of their inheritance can well despise the world. It is the poor starving ones who go hungering for the husks of earth. We are born from above and have a longing to go home. Let us go forth to-day with our hearts on the home stretch.

May Almighty God bless us and keep us on the safe and narrow path that we can see the glory of God and walk into His presence with thanksgiving in our hearts.

Author: Patriarch Gregg

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