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We are coming to a close and we continue to see David before the Lord as written in the Psalms David’s prayers before the Lord. It was like nonstop night and day. If you do not have sleeplessness nights seeking the face of GOD, I urge you to cry out more, Hallelujah.

Psalm 22:8  “‘He trusted on THE LORD that HE Would Deliver him: let HIM Deliver him, seeing he delighted in HIM!’”

Beloved brethren of GOD, David is now passing THROUGH the Valley of Baca [The Valley of Weeping] into which EVERYONE will enter at some point in life, be it because of sin, or loss.  When all pretentiousness has been stripped away, his ears become acutely aware of the words of his detractors: they ridicule him in his great distress.  In this present, will David grow weary and turn away from seeking after GOD because of the past that haunts him, or will he become more resolute in his efforts to reestablish his commune with [YAHVEH] GOD?

Psalm 119:146  “I cried unto THEE; Save me, and I shall KEEP THY Testimonies!”

At this point, we find a great revelation given to us: David begins to COMMIT himself, completely, to GOD.  Prior to this time, as much as David THOUGHT he loved GOD, he was still too “full of himself” [Pride] as the king.  This is WHAT allowed him to commit the deed that he committed against Uriah in breaking [YAHVEH’s] GOD’s COMMANDMENT.  Precious Hearts, as it was with David, so it is with each one of us, as well.  We dare to break [YAHVEH’s] GOD’s COMMANDMENTS because of OUR Arrogance, Pride, and Vanity, as well.  We, like David, must begin to divest ourselves of such, lest we, too, pass through the Valley of Baca [The Valley of Weeping] far more often than we would desire to do so.

Psalm 66:17  “I cried unto HIM with my mouth, and HE Was Extolled with my tongue.”

18  “If I regard iniquity [Lawlessness/sin] in my heart [mind], THE LORD Will NOT Hear me:”

David, now, provides us with a most poignant point:  If one remains the type of person that continues to harbour evil thoughts [iniquity] within that one’s heart/mind, and [YAHVEH] GOD Knows that such a person does NOT truly desire to CHANGE his/her ways, GOD Will NOT Concern HIMSELF, For One Moment, With the words that such a person pretends to pray.  GOD Looks for one’s desire to CHANGE one’s ways.  This, Beloved brethren, is called REPENTANCE.  What is the result that one might expect from TRUE REPENTANCE?

19  “But verily GOD Hath Heard me; HE Hath Attended To the voice of my prayer.”

20  “Blessed Be GOD, WHICH [WHO] Hath NOT Turned Away my prayer, nor HIS Mercy From me.”


And now, today’s Study will be CONTINUED TOMORROW …

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