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happened.  Do you recall what YAHVEH Says To Moses in Exodus 34:5-7?  Do you SEE, through your Spiritual Eyes, that YAHVEH GOD Will HONOR HIS Word?  What He Has Spoken HE Will Perform.

II Samuel 12:11  “Thus Saith THE LORD, ‘Behold, I Will Raise Up evil Against thee out of thine own house, and I Will Take thy wives before thine eyes, and Give them Unto thy neighbour, and he shall lie with thy wives in the sight of this Sun [out in the open].’”

12  “For thou didst it secretly; but I Will Do this thing Before ALL Israel, and before the Sun.’”

13  “And David said unto Nathan, ‘I have sinned against THE LORD.’  And Nathan said unto David, ‘THE LORD Also Hath Put Away thy sin; thou shalt not die.’” 

Listen, closely my brothers and sisters in Christ, to David’s words.  He declares that he has SINNED AGAINST [YAHVEH] GOD: he understands that although Uriah died at his hands, his SIN was actually against [YAHVEH] GOD!  He has BROKEN [YAHVEH’s] GOD’s COMMANDMENT, which is worthy of death, which the Prophet recognizes as he declares, “…Thou shalt not die”!  Precious Hearts, how many persons, who CALL themselves “Christians/Believers”, continue to break GOD’s COMMANDMENTS week after week without Repentance?  If David COULD NOT escape, how in the World will they? I can only minister to you as I have received and be accountable to God for my actions. You have to do the same in spirit and in truth.

So far in our study, today, we have taken a look at the very tarnished PAST of a Saint of GOD.  Anyone who knows of David’s life might be given to wonder what even GOD Might Be Able To Do With one who has committed past actions as inglorious as those of David? Understand, beloved brethren, that serving GOD will NOT mean that one will always be perfect in everything that one does — far from it — although one is to strive for such perfection.  This writer has chosen David as just ONE example for us to consider, although this writer could have chosen from among any number of others whom The Holy Bible has recorded for our consideration.  Now that we have taken a look at his unrighteous PAST, let us consider elements of the CURRENT life that is to face David following these events.

Psalm 4:1  “Hear me when I call, O GOD of my Righteousness: THOU Hast Enlarged me [Magnified my problems] when I was in distress; Have Mercy Upon me, and Hear my prayer.”

Psalm 5:1  “Give Ear To my words, O LORD, Consider my meditation.”

Psalm 6:1  “O LORD, Rebuke me not in THINE Anger, neither Chasten me In THY Hot Displeasure.”


And now, today’s Study will be CONTINUED TOMORROW …

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