HH Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div
We should not listen to gossip, including things we hear on TV or the internet.
We should not encourage it, or turn it into humour, to make it more acceptable.
We should not ignore it, and allow it to go unchallenged.
If we find out the facts, we should bring them to light.
– We should not perpetuate stories or reports unless we have the evidence that they are true.
Then we still should be fair.
– Someday, maybe even soon, we will have to account before God for the very idle word we have spoken.
Considering that many of the words we have uttered may have been criticisms, false rumours, false witness, hate speech, and character attacks (verbal murder), we will be in big trouble.
Even if what we utter turns out to be true or partly true, our motives and attitudes will be also under scrutiny.
Did we speak in order to demean or harm?
Outside of sexual sins, sins of the unbridled tongue may be the next biggest reason many will find themselves in hell someday.
Think about these things as we prepare to enter the New Year. Let us make some changes as we move ahead and let God shower us with His blessings.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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