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IX. The Consecration of the Will. “Take my will. ”
The consecration of the will means the will power dedicated to God, hence the will is brought into union with God. “Thy will be done” becomes the language of the soul. A consecrated will not bend to every pressure brought upon it but is fixed in God.

A fixed, inflexible will is a great assistance in a holy life. Satan will suggest a thousand reasons, why we should yield a little to the temptations by which we are surrounded; but let us ever stand fast in our purpose. A good degree of decision and tenacity of purpose is of great importance in the ordinary affairs of life. How much more so in the things of religion? He, who is easily shaken, will find the way of holiness difficult — perhaps impracticable. A double-minded man, he who has no fixedness of purpose, no energy or will, is unstable in all his ways. ‘ Ye, who walk in a narrow way, let your resolution be unalterable. Think of the blessed Saviour. ‘My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?’ Though he was momentarily forsaken, at least so far as to be left to anguish inconceivable, and unutterable, his heart nevertheless was fixed, and he could still say, ‘My God, my God.

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