Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

 Importance of Christian Life and Management

Good stewardship involves the wise usage of something that has been left in the care of one who is responsible for the usage. For the Christian woman, there are several areas of life that God expects her to exercise good stewardship to be an effective Christian and powerful witness for Jesus Christ. The following are some major areas essential to the life of a successful Christian.

Time is the first one. Everyone is given the same 24 hours each day. How that time is spent determines how much time is available to each person. It also reveals how valuable time is to the person spending it. Those who choose to spend their time worrying, or reading up on the latest celebrity news, or complaining about themselves to anyone who will listen often do not have a clear understanding that time is a resource. It should be spent wisely, with thought and purpose. Time is best spent when it is invested into things that have an eternal impact, like reading and meditating on the Word, helping a backslidden believer get back in fellowship, or teaching the things of God to children.

Money is another area that is often overlooked. But money well spent is just as important as time well spent. Aside from the topic of tithing and giving of offerings, being a good steward of money involves careful oversight of how money is spent. Shopping is an activity that many women enjoy. But for those who do not understand the importance of good stewardship, it is a trap that can get many families in danger financially. Issues like debt, late bill paying, even collections, can arise out of misused and mismanaged money. Money is a resource, just like time, that should be spent wisely. Energy is something that many people don’t think of as a resource, especially women. But energy can be spent, just like time, just like money. Likewise, when it runs out, the individual feels the lack. Energy can be physical, mental or even emotional. However, consistently overdrawing on the energy tank can cause physical, mental and emotional illness. It is important for each woman to learn what her limits are, and not exceed them. It is also important for each woman to recognize the things that she can or cannot influence or change, and only spend her energy on those things that she can.

Other resources that each woman is called to be a good steward of are things like her home, her goods, her words, and her talents and abilities. All of these things are given as a free gift from God, to be used for the purpose of bringing Him glory, and bringing the lost to Christ. It is an honour for each woman to be entrusted with such an incredible gift.

Author: Godfrey Gregg