HH Sir Godfrey Gregg D.Div

Religion has us confused.  It may sound good, but can make us miss every thing about God.  If the sanctuary is the only place we speak faith, then we’re just religious.  And, if we only guard our words in front of the pastor/Bishop, then this walk of righteousness is not real to us.  Until we begin to speak consistently, always being the same, we will experience little victory.

We are talking about a lifestyle, yet most churches don’t talk about living out Christianity.  We must make up our mind. Are you willing to change in order to triumph? Living for Christ has been replaced by a prosperity gospel. There is no more standard for Holiness because the world has taken up residence in the church.

I don’t claim to understand all that is presently happening on the world scene, but I can tell you that Christ is our only salvation.  Every community and nation needs to see multitudes of believers who truly are Christ-like.  If we will come together and demonstrate who we are in Jesus, hell will shake.  Why?  Because those who are living right before God are a tremendous power to be reckoned with.  We are moving into a time when the words of our mouth will either make
us or break us.

Image result for A TREMENDOUS POWER!Brethren it is so true for among us we are seeing ministers living in fear mongering, gossip, spreading rumours and creating scandal among the very people that they want to minister. The nature of the world has crept into their lives and there is no worship of God, just a formality and a form of godliness denying the word of God.

When we agree with God, it gives Him something to work with.  He will never concur with us that we are losers, defeated, or in bondage since in His eyes – because of the Cross and the resurrection – we are not.

Hell and heaven both are waiting and listening to hear what we have to say.  Our words are that important. They can open the door for the devil to legally wreak havoc in our lives, or commission the angels of God to bring deliverance and peace. Remember your words are life and when we speak we are sowing seeds. So be careful how you sow and the type of seed.

Author: Godfrey Gregg