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Things That Listening to Gossip Will Kill

1. It will kill your spirit. The spirit of a man can sustain him in the most difficult situations, but once a man’s spirit has been wounded, he cannot bear the difficulties of life. The wounded spirit comes from accepting poison about others. You will spiritually destroy yourself if you accept those tasty deadly morsels.

Once a person comes to me with a tale about anybody, I look at him like a person pointing a loaded gun to my head. They want to hurt me even though they do not know it. I do not want anyone to destroy my spirit. I will not allow deadly poison to enter my mind. Once the spirit has been destroyed, it is almost impossible to get back.

2. It will kill your trust. How do I stay upbeat with so many enemies who are trying to destroy me? I ignore them! I do not read their letters or take their phone calls. I do not want them to destroy my spirit and prevent me from helping those people who need me.

One of the saddest statements I hear over and over again is, “I have just about lost all of my confidence in preachers.” The reason that has happened is because you have been drinking poison. You are the one who is being destroyed. Most preachers are good and godly men; yet, your trust in them has been damaged by the poison.

3. It will kill your joy. I can look out at my people and spot the ones who have been listening to poison. Their spiritual joy is gone, and I can see it in their faces. Tragically, the joy of the Lord is hard to restore. I have remained full of joy because I have refused to drink the poison. People worry about me because I am so criticized and slandered; yet, I am not the one who drank the poison. The hearers of the slander are the ones who are in danger of losing their joy.

Even if I hated someone, I would not want to know anything bad about him/her because it would poison and destroy me. That is why I am still so happy. I do not know bad about people because I refuse to listen. That is the secret to keeping your joy!

Spiritual Baptist churches are all fighting the same battle because the Devil hates soul winning. Pastors/Bishops have been destroyed because they listened, but they would not have been destroyed if they had been the objects of slander instead of the hearers! 

Any time a minister comes on the scene the old guards come out to play “top of the line”. Many times they start the gossip with intent to cover up their tracts. It is not hard to know them and those they were in contact with selling their stories. You will notice that they stop talking to you. When they see you they look at you different and if your eyes turned in their direction they will look away. I can spot you from a distance and it does not matter if you do not speak to me, I will continue to pray for you that God will show you the failures. I do not know what will work for the poison you took in your system. 

May Almighty God open our eyes to see the way the enemy is out to destroy us.

Author: Godfrey Gregg

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